From the top end of Australia, former farmer Max Davidson looks after the endemic Leichhardt's Grasshopper. With its beautiful flame orange body and deep glittering blue pronotum, the spectacular insect lives its entire annual life-cycle on just one food source. When Max discovers the expected fate of the native grasshopper, it sets him on a path to revitalise the bush which is vital for the Leichhardt's continued survival.

National Landscapes Nature Series
Balangara Films co-produced the first handful of promo films with Wildiaries for Tourism Australia to showcase Australia’s National Landscapes. The series features the people and wildlife that inspire artistic endeavours, life changing journeys and lifelong passions in the stunning beauty of Australian landscapes. 

Co producers: Balangara Films, Wildiaries
Writer: Mark Pearce
Director: Mark Pearce
DOP: Nick Hayward
Editor: Mark Pearce
Music: Brett Winterford http://www.brettwinterford.com
Sleep Makes Waves http://sleepmakeswaves.bandcamp.com/
Panzer Queen http://bandcamp.com/tag/panzer-queen