Mark Pearce

Mark is a multi-award winning Australian writer, director, and screen producer with 20-years professional experience in the film, television, and commercial advertising industries. Around ten percent of his work is featured on this site.

When Mark's not making films he's working as a stills photographer and journalist. His core passions are focused on animal rights, human rights, health, sovereignty, and the universal lore that we all once followed. 

He has traveled the world extensively, including multiple trips to third-world countries such as India. These humble experiences have been a key motivator for his advocacy work to help humanity respect and protect each other, and the world around us. 


Nick Hayward

An accomplished cinematographer and film-maker, Nick has worked on features, TVC's, dramas and docs from the sub-Antarctic to the Arabian peninsula. He began his career as a camera intern at the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol – a breeding ground for acclaimed film-makers with a wild-eye.

Nick filmed the famous lyrebird sequence for Life of Birds which was voted by the British public as their ‘favourite Attenborough moment of all time.’ The clip has since amassed millions of views on YouTube, leading Nick on a quest with Mark Pearce to search for the truth about the lyrebird and its many mysterious calls.


Recently, Nick was commissioned by National Geographic, ARTE, ZDF and Screen Tasmania to photograph and produce a story on the last Wild Tasmanian Devils.

When Nick is not bumping gear all over the world, he spends his time crewing on traditional vessels and tramping through the wilderness on a set of snow skis.