Mark Pearce

Mark is a multi-award winning Australian storyteller. He’s a writer, director and producer with 23 years professional experience in the film, television, and commercial advertising industries.

When Mark's not making films he's either coordinating events, working as a stills photographer or journalist, or enjoying the birdsong which echoes throughout the remnant ancient rainforest at his Hinterland home in Maleny, Queensland. His core passions are focused on the continuation of culture, animal rights, human rights, health, sovereignty, and the universal lore that we all once followed. 

Mark Pearce interviewed in Sarajevo at the 2017 Viva Festival.

Filmski Magazin Programme with Ines Mrenica  1 of 3

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Filmski Magazin Programme with Ines Mrenica  3 of 3

Glasshouse Country & Maleny News PROFILE 2019

He has traveled the world extensively, including multiple trips to third-world countries such as India, Egypt, PNG, Solomon Islands and Indonesia. These humble experiences have been a key motivator for his advocacy work to help humanity respect and protect the world around us.