The Shaman


Howard Fry, a socially inept actor, calls upon a magical shaman and is granted the vision to see the very best and worst of human beings.

This short was created by over 60 people for the 48 HOUR FILM FEST. The entire film from script to production, editing, special effects and music composition was produced in the 48 hour time frame by experienced to not-so-experienced film makers. We were given the genre of fantasy by the organisers and the film had to have 3 elements appear in the production: a character name Rick Party, a chess piece and the line "You're living in a fantasy world."

To find out more about the dramatic story that unfolded in the making of this film, read the Producers letter that was sent to all cast and crew in the following days after production... Here's the link...

Year: 2008

Genre: Fantasy/magic realism/experimental spiritual comedy/documentary

Prod Co: Imagica Studio & Monomonomono

Producer: Mark Pearce

Writers: Victor Holder Rodriguez, Louisa Dent, David Major

Director: Victor Holder Rodriguez

Camera: Nick Hayward & Lushan Tan